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Awkward, Cool, Christian? Singles, Campus, Teens Midweek Series


Lessons to help awkward Christians navigate like Christ the various forms of discomfort in church culture.


A key mark of the disciple is his/her ability to handle shame and embarrassment in a way that pleases Christ (whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. Luke 9:26). The yoke of discipleship for many of us, does bring with it a certain level of social awkwardness which may manifest in embarrassment, insecurity and shame. How then are we to go about righteously carrying out the demands implicit in Luke 9:26?

This is a series works as guide to navigate "Kingdom Living", equipping the Christian to do just that. Through hands-on learning and person to person interaction - all in conjunction with biblical teaching- this summer long lessons aim to shine a light on some of the more mundane, day to day and potentially shame inducing life experiences in which the Christian might find themselves as they strive to remain faithful (or not) to walking with Jesus.


Week 1 - Awkward Interactions
Awkward interactions may incline us to cringe or want to kick ourselves later. How does the Christian navigate scenarios like these?

Week 2 - Better or Best
Better vs best choices: Should I screen that call? Should I eat that? who should I hang out with? How does the Christian navigate times like these?

Week 3 - Likes
Everyone has preferences. Biblically, how does the Christian maneuver their way through the various stages and faces of life in God’s church?

Week 4, July 26 - A Missionary’s Heart
Stories of inspiration from the mission field.

Week 4 - Dislikes
Tertulian says that dislike “is only merited when it is known to be merited. But without that knowledge, whence is its justice to be vindicated?” Where is the space/place for this in the Church?

Week 5 - Friends
Making friends/ losing friends - So you've shared a deep experience with someone, now what?

Week 6 - Cheerleading
How do you unashamedly cheer someone on? This lesson aims to teach effective ways to encourage and work well in a team.

Week 7 - Daydreams
Dreaming/daydreaming. How do dreams for the future work on the daily?

Week 8 - Wrap-up
Sharing lessons learned from this summer.

Week 9 - Ice Cream Social
Wrap up the summer series with a great time of sweet, sweet fellowship.


Singles Ministry

The Single Adult Ministry encourages single adults in the Greater Baltimore Area to live a life pleasing to God. We have a variety of activities, devotionals and weekly meetings to encourage one another to have an "undivided devotion" to God.

For more information regarding our singles ministry please contact:

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