2014 Summer Movie Series

Join Us For Our 2014 Summer Movie Series

Our sermon series this summer will use some recent movie titles to spring board into God's word. Come hear some powerful messages and move past silver screens into heavenly themes.

Same great time, same amazing service, NEW LOCATION

Don't forget, we've started meeting at the Chesapeake Arts Center, 194 Hammonds Lane, Baltimore, MD 21225, service starts at 10am.

Summer Trailers

Here are some of this summer's Sunday blockbusters: 

July 6 - Get On Up - Scott Davis 

July 13 - Transformed - Scott Davis 

Additional Resources for Transformed Sermon: 

Moses: Moments of Glory...Feet of Clay

July 20 - Days of Future Past - Phat Vuong


July 27 - Guardians of the Galaxy - Mat Borger


August 3 - Edge of Tomorrow - Stephen Oguagha


August 10 - The Giver - Bring Your Neighbor Day


Additional Resources for The Giver Sermon: 


In the long, long ago, a traveler came down the road to Jericho; He fell among robbers, who stripped him, and left him dying from many a blow. A priest passed by on the other side; he had no time to spare; A Levite glanced at the wounded man, but left him lying there. 

A human being, beaten and robbed, and left by the road to die! And others content to have it so, and willing to pass him by! But, lo! another traveler came, a man of a hated race; He came to the victim's side, and grief and pity were in his face.

He bathed and bound the bleeding wounds of the man by the side of the road; And on his beast of burden placed a different load. And then to the inn there slowly moved that tiny caravan; That wounded man and the little beast and the Good Samaritan.

His time and his strength and his money too, the Good Samaritan gave, That he might from a cruel death that day his needy neighbor save. And my prayer is that I may be like the man who mercy showed In the long ago on the Bloody Way to the man by the side of the road.

-James H. Childress

August 17 - Sandy Point Park Service 

August 24 - Neighbors