Join us as we explore and grow in a deeper sense of worship.


  • 9/29 The Triune God
  • 10/6 Full Participation
  • 10/13 Deep Engagement with Scripture 
  • 10/20 The Lord’s Supper
  • 10/27 Discerning Culture


  • 11/3 Disciplined Creativity
  • 11/10 Worship, and Unity 
  • 11/17 Worship,andHospitality
  • 11/24 Transformative Worship 
    Guest Speaker: Dr. Douglas Jacoby 
    (All MD Service)

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Worship and Unity

“Contrary to popular opinion, then, Christianity is not a Western religion that destroys local cultures. Rather, Christianity has taken more culturally diverse forms than other faiths.25 It has deep layers of insight from the Hebrew, Greek, and European cultures, and over the next hundred years will be further shaped by Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Christianity may become the most truly “catholic vision of the world,”26 having opened its leadership over the centuries to people from every tongue, tribe, people and nation.”

– Timothy Keller, The Reason for God

Additional Resources

worship-pdf-thumb.pngWorship and Unity - Small Group Discussion



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The Reason for God
Timothy Kellery

Coffman Commentaries
Ephesians 1

Worship and Hospitality

Jesus presents this interpretation of the great commandment not merely in the form of a precept but 1. in the form of a parable in Luke 10:30–35, where the answer to the question who was neighbour is undoubtedly that the neighbour was the foreigner, the Samaritan, and 2. in the form of the great judgment scene in Matthew 25, where one of the tests is that of conduct towards the ξένος [xenos - Greek for stranger], who in the NT, too, is eo ipso miserable and in distress, being placed between the thirsty and the naked. Whether the foreigner is hospitably received or not will help to fix one’s eternal destiny.

– Clip from entry for xenos, Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. 1964- (G. Kittel, G. W. Bromiley & G. Friedrich, Ed.) (electronic ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. [definition for xenos mine, emphasis mine]

Additional Resources

worship-pdf-thumb.pngWorship and Hospitality - Small Group Discussion



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Transformative Worship

"This was the basic pattern of Christian assemblies for many centuries: the ministry of the Word led to the ministry of the table. And in between, Christians extended to one another in a shockingly intimate way the peace of Christ.

Each part of the service began with God. God spoke while worshipers listened. Then they knew how to pray. The bread and cup of Christ’s redemption were offered as communers received. Then they knew how to live in the world. And all of this took place within the context of radical community, of Christ-filled intimacy."

– Jack R. Reese

Additional Resources

Position and Disposition

  • Kneeling
  • Sitting
  • Lying
  • Standing
  • Raising hands (Christian art)


  • Expressiveness – 2 Sam 6; Luke 7, 17; feeling: two extremes
  • Humility – 1 Kings 8; Psalm 51
  • Holiness


  • If you weren’t living in God’s presence on Monday, were you really worshiping on Sunday?
  • For there to be true worship, some things in my life will need to be destroyed/ eliminated.
  • For one day it will be too late. Rev 16:9 –refusal to worship; Phil 2:9-11 (Isa 45:23).

Seven occasions of worship

  • Exodus 4:31 – knowing God cares
  • Exodus 15:1-21 — redemption
  • Exodus 34:8 — when we know God’s name
  • Joshua 5:14 — realizing the presence of God
  • 1 Samuel 3:1 — when we sacrifice
  • Job 1:20 — despite severe loss!
  • Nehemiah 8:12 — learning the Word

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